Frequently asked questions

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Technical requirements


A computer that can run Mac OS 10.8 or Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

Internet connection

A connection speed of 1.5Mbps or higher (ADSL, Wireless broadband).


  • Headphones or speakers.
  • Microphone.


  • Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows or higher / Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 or higher.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 11 or higher.
  • Flash Player 21 or higher.
  • Java 8.
  • Adobe Connect Add-In.
  • Pop-ups and JavaScript enabled in your chosen browser.

Browser support


Minimum version

Recommended version

Google Chrome



Mozilla Firefox



Apple Safari



Microsoft Internet Explorer




NOTE: Microsoft Edge (on Windows 10) has some incompatibilities with CIMAcademyOnline and is NOT recommended.

How long does it take to gain a qualification?

This varies depending on the Level of qualification you are looking to study. Each module is a qualification in its own right, and these take either 3 months or 6 months depending on the level you are studying. The Level 7 Marketing Leadership programme takes 18 months to complete. Find all details here.

Who are the Tutors on the qualifications?

All of our Tutors or Course Directors are experienced trainers and also have hands on experience in marketing. You can see more about them here.

Do I have to come to Moor Hall – I live quite a long way away?

Not necessarily, it depends which style of study suits you best. Our Virtual programme is a form of distance learning, but you still get live sessions with your Course Director – they are online and not in the same room, so you can study where it is convenient for you. Some of our programmes offer the option of studying in London instead of Moor Hall. You can find more information here.

How do I know what to read?

Everything you need to study and read is specified within CIMAcademyOnline on a week-by-week basis.

Are books included in the price?

All courses receive a free e-book to cover the syllabus for each module, this is also available in a hard copy if you wish to purchase this. You will then be required to purchase a copy of the recommended text book which is available via the CIM Online Bookshop. Your sales adviser will however advise you on this.


How soon after sign up can I start to study?

Our official course start dates are linked to assessment dates. However, we are currently working on making changes so that you can start as soon as your registration is complete. At the moment, if you sign up between September and December you will start your official study in January, if you sign up between January and March you will start in April, and if you sign up between April and September you will start in September.

What happens if I fail an assessment?

If you fail an assessment we will continue to support you. 

You will be required to pay a further assessment fee, and, if your membership has lapsed, you will need to renew this. There will also be a tuition fee of £125 + VAT per module for the re-sit and an additional workshop fee of £125 + VAT (only applicable if you wish to re-sit on the blended study option). 

CIM Academy will notify you via email of the deadline date soon after you receive your results. After this deadline full module fees will apply. 

Who awards the qualifications?

All CIM qualifications are awarded by the CIM Awarding Body.

How do I send in my assignment?

All instructions are on CIMAcademyOnline, and, in most cases, you will upload them within your course. Everything is done electronically, including the opportunity to submit a draft for comment before you need to send in your final submission.

Do I have to be working in marketing to study for a qualification?

With the exception of the L3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing (which can be taken by those who are looking to move into marketing) it is important that you are working in marketing as all the assessment is done on a practitioner basis, and you write it around your own workplace. There are occasions when it is possible to study for the L4 Certificate in Professional Marketing, and we are happy to give you advice if you wish to do this.

Is there an Award ceremony when I finish?

There is an Annual Graduation Ceremony for those completing a L6 or L7 qualification.

Is it just pass/fail or can I get a distinction for example?

Grades are applied to each module as well as to the overall qualification and are awarded on the following scale –













What will my learning materials look like?

This will vary depending on the course you study. However, our Facebook page has some short videos that show you around CIMAcademyOnline.

Why should I do a CIM qualification rather than a degree?

This is a big question, to which the short answer is that a professional qualification will focus on practitioner skills in a particular area (in our case, in marketing) and will give you the competence, expertise and the ability to apply your knowledge in the workplace at a certain level. The bigger answer can be found in this webinar.

Which level of qualification am I eligible for?

The entry requirements differ by qualification, and are listed at the bottom of each qualification web page. If you are still not sure, submit an enquiry.

How many hours will I need to study each week?

This differs depending on the level at which you are studying. For example, on the L4 Certificate in Professional Marketing we would expect you to spend approximately 10 hours per week studying, whereas at L3 we would expect approximately six hours per week. This will also depend on the level of knowledge you have already, and you will find that some topics take less time, and some a little longer.

What’s the difference between your study methods?

Our qualifications are delivered in one of three ways and further information can be found on our study options and venues page.

  • Virtual – this is our version of distance learning. You study online but with the further benefit of meeting a Course Director live in Virtual Classroom sessions throughout your course. The main benefit here is that you can study wherever is most convenient to you and without the expense of travel.
  • Blended – this is the most popular form of study. It includes all that is within the Virtual route, and also a full day of Workshop for each module studied. If you visit the page above you can hear our students tell you why they chose the Blended route. They feel it gives them the ‘best of both worlds’.
  • Residential or Intensive – once again, this includes all that is within the Virtual route, and also three or four days of Workshops per module, so is useful for those who recognise they have not got the self-discipline to just study from a distance and need more face-to-face contact with the Course Director and other learners.
What level of support do I get when studying for my qualification?

While you are studying your support will come from several different sources –

  • Support and expertise about the module topic from your Course Director and your online learning materials.
  • Support about your course, how it runs, how it is assessed, how CIMAcademyOnline works, etc. from your named Learner Support person from the CIM Academy team.
  • Support from other delegates using the discussion forums within the course.
  • Support from work – we encourage you to look for a workplace mentor who may be able to help you access information you need for your assignments.
  • Support from your membership of CIM – there are regional events run that may contribute to your learning.
  • Support from your membership of CIM – the content hub has a searchable source of up to date marketing content in the form of articles, blogs, Webinars, Podcasts, Video and Thought Leadership that can help expand your knowledge.
Why should i choose CIM Academy?

As well as being the only Accredited Study Centre owned by CIM, which means that we only deliver CIM qualifications, and are not distracted by other disciplines, there are other benefits of studying with us that can be found on our Why CIM Academy page.

Don’t take our word for it – watch the video on the page and hear what our students say about us.