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6 CIM commendations for CIM Academy

March 5, 2018 12:57 by CIM Academy

The Awarding Body at The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has commended CIM Academy for the excellent performance of its students during the December 2017 assessment session. Awarded to study centres that accomplish a pass rate of 90% or more for a module within their qualifications, the following modules have received commendations for the December 2017 assessment session:

  • Marketing Principle (Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing)
  • Customer Communications (Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing
  • Marketing (Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing)
  • Integrated Communications (Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing)
  • Customer Experience (Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing)
  • Strategic Marketing (Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing)

The Marketing Principles, Marketing and Customer Experience modules all had a 100% pass rate. 

CIM Academy is proud of all its students and continue to provide high levels of support and teaching to continue with this great news! 

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What is CPD?

October 31, 2016 16:12 by Gill Kelley

What is CPD? What is CPD? Photograph: 70196823 © One Photo

What is CPD? 'The proactive maintenance and extension of professional knowledge, skills and personal qualities required to drive responsible practice throughout working life.' CPD is your personal commitment to being professional, remaining current, continuously seeking to improve and having a way of proving it to an employer, or your peers. Increased valued by employers, this is not about getting a qualification; it’s about proving you are serious about your career. At The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) we provide you with the formal recognition with an annual certificate of achievement or the award of Chartered Marketer status.

Why is CPD important to your employer? Spending the time collecting CPD credits, you will be showing your employer and peers that you are one step ahead of the game, serious about marketing and continuously maintaining your knowledge and skills. Employers require these standards and knowledge to make business decisions based on this, to remain the frontrunner of competition and to address future challenges whilst still meeting business goals.

What do you get? You’ll receive tangible evidence of your commitment and a certificate if you successfully complete a year’s CPD. Dependant on your qualifications and work experience you may even be eligible to work towards Chartered Marketer status. Remember, the CPD programme is only available to members so you must ensure you maintain your CIM membership.

Studying with CIM Academy… You’re already there… If you’re taking a CIM Academy qualification you’re eligible for CPD credits. All you need to do is join the CPD Programme.

“CIM Academy’s organisation and delivery of the modules has been excellent. The structure and syllabus they offer is ideal for providing a learning framework for our staff.”

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