Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing

A CIM qualification at Level 3 provides you with the essential skills needed to enter the marketing industry and be able to perform professionally in a support level role within the workplace.

Who is it for?

Perfect for those new to junior marketing roles or aspiring to enter the industry and looking for the perfect introduction to marketing. You can choose between two qualifications to suit your individual career path.

What you will learn

Marketing Principles (Mandatory) This module provides an understanding of the key concepts and terminology used in marketing. On completion of the module, you will have a knowledge and understanding of the role and function of marketing within organisations, and the factors that influence consumer behaviour. You will also be able to identify key components of the marketing environment and have an appreciation of how to collect and utilise relevant information about the marketing environment. Finally, you will be able to outline the concepts and elements which make up the marketing mix and understand how these are applied in a range of different contexts.

Communications in Practice (Elective) This module provides an understanding of how communications can be used in practice to engage with customers. On completion of the module, you will have an appreciation of the different customers that an organisation may have and how those customers make buying decisions. You will also have an understanding of the purpose of marketing communications and a knowledge of the range of communications tools available. Finally, you will know how to prepare an outline customer communications plan and how to measure the plan’s effectiveness.

To achieve either qualifications at Level 3, you’ll need to gain a pass in both the mandatory and elective modules.

If you wish, you can study for one module at a time, and build up to a qualification later.  

Please contact us to discuss the options open to you.

Course content

Marketing Principles

Assessment: Examination

• The examination will comprise multiple- choice questions to be completed in a controlled assessment.

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1: Discovering Marketing

• Know the role and function of marketing within organisations (15%)
• Understand the factors that influence customer behaviour (15%)

Unit 2: The Marketing Environment

• Identify the key components of the marketing environment (20%)
• Identify how to collect relevant information about the marketing environment (15%)

Unit 3: The Marketing Mix

• Understand the concept and elements of the marketing mix (20%)
• Understand the application of the marketing mix in different contextual settings (15%)


Communication in Practice

Assessment: Assignment

The assessment will require submission of an assignment based on a short case study.

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1: Who are our Customers?

• Identify different types of customer (15%)
• Understand how customers make buying decisions (15%)

Unit 2: Communicating with our Customers

• Outline the purpose of customer communications (15%)
• Understand the range of communications tools available to engage with customers (20%)

Unit 3: Creating a Customer Communications Plan

• Outline the structure and content of a customer communications plan (25%)
• Know how the effectiveness of the communications plan can be measured and evaluated (10%)

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